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SP4 Four point connecting rod press without crankshaft

High Rigidity ,High Efficient Sturcture,Reliable,For Most Stamping Parts   (Cold Forging·Warm Forging·Hot Forging) User Friendiy Control System,Reliable,Safety.




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    Characteristics of four-point crankshaft-free connecting rod press:
    ● High rigidity, high performance structure, durability, suitable for all kinds of stamping parts (cold forging, warm forging, hot forging) production, a wide range of use.

    ● Humanized computer program control system, high stability, safety, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

    ● High quality eccentric gear and double connecting rod structure, can withstand eccentric load for a long time, maintain the stability of mechanical properties and diversified production of products.

    ● Hydraulic sliding block adjustment system, smooth and rapid adjustment, to ensure high precision operation and die life.

    ● With cold forging, warm forging and hot forging secondary processing production, give full play to the benefits of stamping, forming, punching, cutting technology.

    Standard accessory
    * Microcomputer operating system

    * hydraulic slider adjustment device

    * wet brake release device

    *2 point load detector

    * photoelectric hand guard device

    * Safety block

    * Automatic circulating oil detection device

    Selective accessory
    * Horizontal shock absorber

    * lower dead spot detector

    * Fast die changing device

    * The upper charging configuration of slide block

    * Die pad device

    * Safety protective door

    * Flywheel brake device

    Key words:
    • 4-Point Crankless Press



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