2012 Guangzhou International Sheet Metal, Forging, Stamping and Metal Forming Exhibition

★Introduction to the exhibition The annual China (Guangzhou) International Metal Forming Exhibition. As one of the well-known comprehensive metal forming and processing exhibitions in China, it is blessed with its unique industrial and market advantages in Guangzhou metal forming and processing; professional and authoritative exhibition organization; scientific and meticulous organization and service. One step at a time, it has gradually grown into a mandatory platform for metal forming and processing enterprises at home and abroad to explore the Chinese market and promote corporate image. ◆ Various sheet metal parts, forgings, stamping parts, and head manufacturing enterprises; ◆ Mechanical presses: servo presses, high-speed precision automatic presses, C-type presses, straight-side presses, multi-station presses, cold forging presses, hot forging presses, powder forming presses, etc. ◆ Hydraulic press: hydraulic servo press, precision punch press, dressing die press, hydroforming press, powder forming press, etc. ◆ Molding machinery: part forming machine, pipe forming machine, wire forming machine, rolling machine, incremental forming machine (no-mold CNC forming machine), wire drawing machine, forging machine, etc. ◆ Automatic telephone device: conveyor, coil feeding device, leveling feeder, robot production line, conveying conveyor, etc. ◆ Safety device: light safety device, PSDI, loading monitor, etc. ◆ Mold: mold for press machine, mold for forging, mold for sheet metal, mold for forming, etc. ◆ Sheet metal machinery: laser processing machine, plasma processing machine, hydraulic cutting machine, punching machine, bending machine, shearing machine, row bending machine, etc. ◆ Surface treatment: deburring machine, anti-rust and anti-corrosion related equipment, washing machine, etc.





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