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Stralght side double crank press

Plunger type equipped with double post guides , high precision and efficiency. 




  • Description
  • Standard sizes

    HSE characteristic

    ● Guide cylinder with double guide column structure, high precision and high efficiency.

    ● Hydraulic sliding block lock system, easy to adjust, stable bottom dead point.

    ● Pneumatic slider balancing device, to ensure the punch and die life.

    Standard accessory

    * vertex stop

    * Oil pressure lock punch

    * Slider and mold balancing device

    * Microcomputer operated electrical box

    *0.01mm scale die height indicator

    * Operation button in front of machine

    * Forced circulation oil device

    Electronic crankshaft Angle indicator

    * 2 groups of loop and joint are detected by mistake

    * Air source quick connector

    * Operating instructions

    * Toolbox

    Select accessories

    * Shock absorber

    * Material lubricator

    * lower dead spot detector

    * Fast die changing device

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    • Stralght side double crank press

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