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SKL double spindle knuckle precision punch




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    SKL punch characteristics:

    Elbow joint mechanism, the lower dead point area processing workpiece is longer than the general punching machine, so that the workpiece to extend the plastic forming time, is conducive to the stability of the material in bending processing. Processing domain speed is low, especially suitable for tensile stamping products, thick plate blanking. Such as stamping engineering.

    1. Optimized rigidity of fuselage structure, small deformation (1/10000), high precision.

    2. The knuckle-type transmission mechanism has excellent and unique stamping and forming ability.

    3. Improve the stability of the bottom dead point, can carry out precision plastic processing and plate punching section composite molding processing.

    4. Can reach the niche of new energy industry (aluminum, magnesium, alloy, stainless steel).

    5. Low noise and low vibration design, can achieve the requirements of environmental quality.

    6. The drive is combined with the sliding block in the way of guide post, high precision, good stability, prolong the service life of the die, suitable for continuous stamping operation



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