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Sino Machinery & Tools (Dongguan) co. Ltd. Is a subsidiary company of Hong Kong Sino International Holdings Ltd. Wespecializes in the production of Precision Power Press, NC Roll Feeder, Transfer Robot and Automatic Material Feeding Equipment to meet the rapidly development of the Industry . The Precision Power Press tailored to the needs of specific customers, to assist our customers to strengthen their competitive, in a high level of efficient production and quality but in a low production cost. With our profesional Engineers, we provide various Auto-Feeding facilities, accessories and tools to meet with the requirements of the Automobile, Electronic Equipment, Home Appliance, Toy and Metal Stamping Industries etc.
We moved from Guangzhou to changping, Dongguan in 2002 August. We have our own factories, office buiding and dormitories, the total area is about 40000 square meters. We export the products to Hong Kong,singapore,Malaysia,USA and Europe. In addition we have set up branches in the Mainland China and the South East Asia regions.

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SINO Machinery & Tools (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

Add:Tianwei First Industrial Estate,Changping,Dongguan,Guandong Province,China

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